Our commitment to you

IBERFRASA was founded in 1984 in Quintanar de la Orden. From its very beginning the company is dedicated to manufacturing of soaps, detergents and other cleaning and polishing products, as well as perfumes, beauty and hygiene products. In 2012 the plastic containers factory was incorporated for exclusive use of the company and in 2018 the manufacture of air fresheners was set off.

The Quality and Environmental managment is crucial for all the activities performed by IBERFRASA. The Quality and Environment Policy of the company contains the guidelines and general objectives relating to Quality and Environment. The above mentioned guidelines are as follows:

  • Compliance with all legal requirements and regulations, our clients´ requirements and others which the company voluntarily submits to, is the basic reference for the commitment to achieve Quality and care for the Environment.
  • Planning and prevention shall be the method to achieve Quality and protect the Environment. Prevention shall be carried out through the identification of risks and from then, the opportunities for improvement shall be established
  • Quality and respect for the Environment of the services rendered shall become a strategic advantage against our competitors.
  • The Management commits itself to prevent pollution and constantly improve the efficiency of the system.

     The objetives for Quality and Environment that IBERFRASA aims at achieving are as follows:

  • Make Quality and care for the Environment a basic element of the company´s culture.
  • Assign both technical (facilities and equipment) and human resources (personnel and its training) to ensure the product requirements.
  • Achieve all IBERFRASA members´ identification and commitment to the Quality and Environment Policy.
  • Make this Quality and Environment Policy public.
  • Optimize all processes permanently, in order to eliminate costs caused by Quality defects and Environmental problems.

In order to define the Quality and Environment objectives in the Managment Review Report, the following points shall be particularly analysed:

  • Market sitution (clients´ requirements and necessities, competitors, etc.).
  • Last year results regarding Quality and Environment.
  • The deviations detected in relation to the previous objectives.

The Quality and Environment objectives shall be disseminated to the rest of the organization for their knowledge.

The achievement of these objectives shall be evaluated in the meetings of the Quality and Environment Committee.

  • The company shall guard the safety of each and every of its employees by assigning the necessary resources in terms of labour risk prevention. Therefore, Prevention Representative, Health and Safety Coordinator and Operational Heads have been defined as prominent figures.
  • The company shall guarantee the working conditions in accordance with relevant legislation and based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsability.


Signed: Javier Leon

IBERFRASA S.L General Manager